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All of the information that is presented here on came from sources we believe to be legitimate and in the public domain. When possible, information is directly linked to the originating source (whether it be a public library or a museum or other website). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

We would be glad to act as a host or mirror for any information you’ve collected that you would like to see online, provided you are the copyright owner and give us permission or the material is in the public domain (whether it be facts or really old information that has fallen into the public domain). If you are the copyright owner, please understand that we don’t have the resources to keep an eye on other websites that might “scrape” or automatically collect the data and publish it on their websites for their use. This last part is an unfortunate occurrence, and we’ve fallen victim to it with other websites in the past.

For an understanding about copyright laws and how they apply in the United States, you need to visit this site: – that’s the official website for the United States Copyright Office. They have the final say. Also, see the links below.

For more information:
Copyright Fundamentals for Genealogy by Mike Goad:

Association of Professional Genealogists:

Cyndi’s List: Copyright Issues/Information:


Source Material for Images/Maps used on
– County Maps: Using the Google Maps API, under Google’s Terms/Conditions
– County Locator Maps: Images released into the Public Domain through Wikimedia Commons. Many were created by David Benbennick and others, using data from the National Atlas Website ( (which is also in the public domain). For more information about these maps, refer to