About GenealogyTexas.com

Update: May 2018, please see our Privacy Policy updates.

Where are we at in the rebuilding of GenealogyTexas.com?
Quite a ways off, but making very steady progress. See the recent updates page for more details

What can we do for you or your group?
Discussion forums – Here in a few days, we ccan setup a specific forum for anybody or any group that requires one.
Hosting a club/group website – we can do that as well – if you are looking for someplace to hang your hat and post some information about your genealogy or history-related group here in Texas, we would be glad to do so.

Site Goal:
Make it easy for anybody interested in genealogy and Texas, at any level of expertise, to locate the resources they need for their genealogy research, as well as to provide current news and information that would be of interests to genealogists in Texas or researching Texas-related information. Another goal – function as an easy way to connect genealogists both inside and outside of Texas.

How to use this site:
The first (and main) thing you should know, is everything is driven off of the Texas counties listing. We are right in the middle of massive overhaul of the website though, so some of those resources are temporarily offline.

The Future:
We have something unique lined up that probably won’t be ready until summer of 2010. What it is, shall remain a mystery for now – no reason to give the commercial types any ideas.

What We Are Not:
We are not a replacement for any other genealogy site that contains information about Texas. As we find such sites (and the time), we will gladly add them to our directory of Texas genealogy site. Texas is big enough to handle multiple websites about genealogy research.

Genealogy Material/Data Present on GenealogyTexas.com
Over time we will be publishing a lot of information of interest to Genealogists. Unless otherwise noted, this information will be in the Public Domain (for the reasons why, see the topic just below this section). All we ask is for a link back to GenealogyTexas.com if you want to use the information on your own website.

Submitting Material/Information for Other Genealogists:
– You should go over the copyright information we have posted if the material was not compiled by you. It may still be in the public domain, and we’d love to include it if it is, or obtain permission to host it if it’s not.
– We would love to have any and all genealogy-related material concerning Texas, as well as to be able to publish it online for everybody to view/use, if it’s in the public domain or the copyright holder gives permission (if the copyright laws apply).
– Finally, contact us if you have any questions at all.