Article: Cemeteries Get New Life as Public Gardens

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The Dallas Morning News has an article, Cemeteries get new life as public gardens by Maureen Gilmer (Scripps Howard News Service) concerning cemeteries being used as basically public gardens. Maureen is a gardener instead of a genealogist, so it’s a unique take on the subject of cleaning up and preserving cemeteries.

Excerpt from the article:

There are a lot of folks worried about what they call “endangered cemeteries.” Many are being taken over by forest or urbanization. The gravestone markers are wearing down so their chiseled faces no longer record names and dates. For history and genealogy buffs – or anyone going back to the old hometown to look up the resting places of ancestors – this loss can be devastating.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of preserved cemeteries is in making history and ancestors seem more real to youngsters. Touching the stone of a famous man or woman buried nearby brings that human off the pages of a history book and into the 21st century.

Article: A&M Researcher Digs up History in Cemetery

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Jen Sansbury writes about an archaelogical team from Texas A&M looking for unmarked graves dating from the Mexican-American war and Civil War in a cemetery in West Columbia. Her article appears in The Facts (Brazoria County).


The second archaeological dig at the historic Columbia Cemetery on Saturday unearthed the corner of a 19th-century coffin and evidence of up to six other unmarked graves.

It did not, however, uncover the resting places of 248 Mexican-American War soldiers and 16 Civil War soldiers believed to be buried there.

Still, those involved with the dig pronounced it a success.

Source: The Genealogue