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Do you have a genealogy-related event or group or website you’d like to tell us about and see mentioned? This is the place.

Questions about anything other than the actual website:
If you have a question about genealogy and/or Texas in general, please post it in the forums (once they are up) and somebody will answer it, or try to.

If you have a site that you think might be of use to visitors of, feel free to submit it to us. Understand that we are under no obligation to link to it – we are very particular about links from this site. We usually receive a few link requests a week, and turn down the majority either because they are not related to the content of this site, or because they appear to be run by spammers.

We do not sell products, genealogy or otherwise, through If you have a product you want us to review that is related to genealogy and Texas (such as a book), please feel free to contact us. Understand that we do not accept any payments for reviews and we will be honest in our reviews.

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