Presentation about Caddo Indians (March 28, 2010)

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This coming Sunday (March 28) at 2:30pm, Cecile Elkins Carter will be giving a talk about Caddo Indians at the Cleburne Conference Center (website, 1501 Henderson Street) in Cleburne, Texas, in conjunction with the Layland Museum (website). Carter is the author of Caddo Indians: Where We Come from.

Pete Kendall has a nice write-up at the Cleburne Times-Review about about Carter’s talk and Caddo Indians in this part of Texas. The Caddos were not a nomadic group, unlike some of the more well-known Indian tribes that have made their homes in Texas at one time or another, and were present in large numbers in East Texas and along the Red River before the settlers came along.

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Article: Texas Czech Group Working to Preserve Traditions

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Radio Prague has published an article by Ian Willoughby , Texas Czech group working to preserve traditions, about John Polasek, a member of the Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center’s Board of Directors, who traveled to Prague to receive an award. Ian spoke with John about Texas’ Czech heritage and what’s being done to preserve and enhance it.

Excerpts from the article:

“We’re re-establishing some of the old Czech farm homesteads. Most of the Czechs that came to Texas settled in farm areas. So we’re rebuilding the farmsteads.

Tell us also about the collections you have at the Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Centre of Czech historical artefacts.

“We have numerous pictures, books and all that that our ancestors brought over from the Czech Republic. We have a genealogy section where people can research their family history, and most of the people there know where there roots are in the Czech Republic, believe it or not.”

For more information about the Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center, visit